Application Design

Designing for Manufacturing

Developing complex parts for complex machines to accomplish complex problems is what we do for a living. Whether you’re trying to develop the fuel system for the next generation of ships to take humans to Mars or patent the first machine capable of reading every detail of human DNA, we have the talent and know-how to help engineer the perfect part to assist you. Our engineers can help you develop the part you think you need into the cost-effective, manufacturable part you truly need.

Engineering Design Guide

Our founders have been in the plastics industry for over 40 years. We’ve written the book on high performance plastics and the uses of each material. Browse our design guide to find out which engineering grade plastic is best for you application.

Industry Articles

At Piedmont CMG, we are leading the industry in technology, innovation, and technical knowledge. Take a look at our newest contributions to the precision plastic machining industry or what newly developed plastic material is hitting the market and its uses or how we’re providing vital contributions to the highest performing companies in Life Sciences, Aerospace, & DNA Sequencing industries.

Lean Manufacturing

Piedmont CMG has made a career of perfecting our capabilities within the plastics contract manufacturing industry through innovation and process improvement. Learn more about our lean manufacturing philosophy and how it ties into The CMG Difference.

As an essential supplier to medical device manufacturers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re open for business and supporting OEMs with critical components.Contact us to learn more.