Contract Manufacturing Machined & Bonded Plastics

Contract Manufacturing for Plastics & Fluidics

Piedmont CMG has supported the medical analytical industry with precision machining, optically clear diffusion bonded manifolds, machined manifolds, and value added assemblies. Our customers are large OEMs seeking quality, which provides CMG with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Throughout our website, we provide engineers and procurement alike a quick review of our core capabilities. Please contact Piedmont CMG for an in-depth review or tour of our facilities.

Contract Manufactured Manifold Assemblies

Piedmont CMG partners with Medical Analytical and Diagnostic Instrument manufacturers providing contract manufacturing services which include precision machined plastic components, optically clear diffusion bonded multilayered manifolds, tubing assemblies, tubing bundles, cap assemblies and value added services.

Diffusion Bonded Plastic Manifold Assembled with Sensors & Wiring

Mechanical Assemblies

Assembly Worker Testing Sensor for Bottle Cap Used in Clinical Diagnostic Machines
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Pins
  • Drive Components
  • Engraving & Ink Fill
  • Potting Compounds
  • Solvent Bonding
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Hardware
  • Lot Tracing
  • Stress Relieving

Fluidic & Microfluidic Circuitry

Piedmont CMG has the capabilities to incorporate all aspects of your fluidic system into a complete assembly:

  • Sensors
  • Electronics
  • Tubing
  • Connectors
  • Components
Pneumatic Pathways in a Diffusion Bonded Plastic Pneumatic Manifold

Traceability to meet OEM ISO Standards

Plastic Manifold Being Measured to Specifications

Controlled documentation, policies, and procedures contribute to compliance with RoHS & Reach. Order, lot, and part traceability are provided through COC, FAIR, CTF, and individual customer requirements.