Laser Engraving & Labeling Plastic

Laser Engraving Plastic Parts & Manifolds

Laser engraving is a highly versatile technique that combines a computer with a laser to mark the surface of a given material. With the proper technology, this process is simple, cost efficient, and can easily be altered for almost any design needed even with a small batch size. High-performance plastics all exhibit the properties to be receptive to laser engraving which adds a great deal versatility and gives the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) the ability to have their parts pre-labeled prior to their arrival at the manufacturing facility.

Laser Engraving on a Clear Acrylic Manifold

Piedmont CMG routinely utilizes this process to add labeling to manifolds per the OEM’s request. These labels commonly mark the function of each fluidic path that the manifold exhibits which, in turn, allows their manufacturing facility to have a more streamlined process for the assembler to follow.