Precision Machined Critical Plastic Components

Critical Plastic Components

Piedmont CMG’s expertise in performance plastics, combined with decades of precision machining and cutting-edge, proprietary software have put us in a unique position in our industry. We commonly manufacture the most critical components of new devices, requiring precision, reliability, traceability, accountability, and a close partnership with our valued customers.

Precision Machined Ultem Manifold Next to a Precision Machined Acrylic Manifold

CNC Precision Machined Performance Plastics

Machinist Measuring Dimensions of a Plastic Manifold

At Piedmont CMG, we’ve been machining high performance plastics, engineering thermoplastics, and a wide variety of standard polymers for decades. OEMs turn to us for our depth and breadth of experience with all types of plastics for the most critical components and fluidic hubs that are essential to the success of their applications. The latest high-speed CNC milling equipment and techniques are just standard operating procedure in our machining facility.