Performance Plastic Contract Manufacturing Services

Machined Plastic Component Shown Next to a Piece of Stock Plastic

Plastics CNC Turning & Milling

We perform world-class, precision machining of high performance plastics with custom features and close tolerances.

Acrylic Diffusion Bonded Manifolds with Fluidic & Microfluidic Pathways Used in IVD Instruments

Plastics Contract Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing services provide custom fluidic solutions for OEMs, including diffusion bonding, sub-assembly, and testing.

Diffusion Bonded Plastic Manifold

Diffusion Bonding of Engineering Plastics Manifolds

Diffusion bonding allows us to create a plastic manifold with micro-fluidic channels that are optically clear and burr-free. Our propriety technology creates a bond between layers at the molecular level.

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