ULTEM™ (PEI) Polyetherimide

Facts About ULTEM

This high-performance material has elevated performance while maintaining a low cost. With a continuous service temperature of 338 degrees F, Ultem bridges the temperature gap between nylon, acetal, polycarbonate, and the high temperature/high cost thermoplastics such as polyimide and PEEK. Ultem is a polyetherimide material most noted for its high strength and rigidity at high temperatures, long term heat resistance, and stable dimensional and electrical properties.

Key Features of Ultem

  • Cost effective
  • Long term service temperature of 338°F
  • Flame retardant per UL94 V-0 testing standards
  • Transparent
  • FDA compliant
  • High dielectric strength- 830 V/mil (*second highest among HP plastics)
  • Superior performance in hot water
  • Excellent finishing characteristics
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • FDA compliance
  • Flame resistance with low smoke evolution
  • Diffusion Bondable
Diffusion Bonded Ultem™ Manifold

Key Applications of Ultem

Ultem is used in a variety of industries but it is especially prominent in the medical diagnostic field. Surgical tools, trays, handles, and test trials are all manufactured from this material due its ability to be cleaned for repeated use. Medical applications requiring resistance to steam autoclave, hot air, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, and cold chemical sterilization utilize this material. Ultem is the material of choice in diffusion bonded manifolds where higher heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability are required beyond cast acrylic abilities.

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