About Us

Piedmont CMG

Piedmont CMG partners with medical analytical and diagnostic instrument manufacturers providing contract manufacturing services which include precision machined plastic components, optically clear diffusion bonded multilayered manifolds, tubing assemblies, tubing bundles, cap assemblies, and value-added services.

Our Location

Piedmont CMG is located in the technology corridor in the upstate of South Carolina. This area connects two of the largest cities in the Southeast, Charlotte and Atlanta. The upstate is a top-ranked business climate, world class industry sector, and home to a highly trained, technical workforce. Upstate South Carolina continues to be recognized for its cost-effective business environment.

Quality Recognition

Along with its ISO 9001:2015 certification, Piedmont CMG continually receives exceptionally high scores and recognition during audits by many of the largest corporations in the world. Piedmont CMG has been defined as a world class manufacturing company. We are committed to continuous improvement, lean manufacturing processes, and progressive business techniques that directly contribute to customer satisfaction.

Modern Technology

Piedmont CMG has uniquely positioned itself by continually investing in technology in all aspects of its business. Our digital footprint is prevalent throughout all aspects of our business including:

  • Management Systems
  • Controlled Documentation
  • Visual Work Instructions
  • Electronic Scheduling
  • Real Time Data Collection
  • Paperless Work Environment
  • Hyperlink Recording and Reporting
  • Continuous Training
  • Progressive Management Practices
  • Open Team Environment

Multiple Industries

Piedmont CMG’s precise, highly engineered products and assemblies provide integral service to numerous industries, which include:

  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Life Sciences
  • Bioscience
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Fluidic Analysis & Transfer
  • Pharmaceutical

Continuous Improvements

Piedmont CMG is driven to maintain continuous improvement in all aspects of the company by empowering every employee. This improvement is bench-marked and measured daily, monthly, and yearly and communicated in real time throughout the operation.

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P.O. Box 208
Ware Shoals, SC 29692
(864) 456-7788


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