Live Data Scheduling Center

Industry Leading Innovation

One of the truly innovative and unique systems in place at CMG is the Live Data Scheduling Center, which is present at both of our facilities. This station displays live data on every job and every machine or work center within our facilities. The “smart tags” provide all pertinent information about a job, from the number of parts completed, delivery dates, shipping information, notes from previous batches, tools required, and even who’s currently running the operation.

JIT Scheduling for Contract Manufacturing

Real-Time Data Analysis

This one stop shop allows for scheduling, managing capacity, trouble-shooting, and a quick overview of up-to-date information about all jobs and manufacturing activities at CMG. The Live Data Scheduling Center is a SQL-based system developed out of necessity by our own internal talent and innovation. Due to our flexibility and scope of operations as a contract manufacturer, we often need software or systems that are very unique, leading us to develop our own custom tools to suit our needs.

Efficient and Effective Communication

Technology & Scheduling Center for Plastics Part Machining and Tubing Assembly Plant

As seen during a virtual tour of our facilities, the two Live Data Scheduling Centers share the same data across both of our facilities. Ask about a virtual tour to learn more about how this technology benefits our customer. Or, come visit us in-person and see it for yourself!