Microfluidic Systems

Microfluidic Systems are the direction technology is headed in many industries, such as immunoassay, DNA & RNA Sequencing, and Biopharmaceuticals. Piedmont CMG is leading the way in manufacturing components that require precision and repeatability down to the microliter (µL) or even smaller. When it is necessary to manipulate and direct fluids, gases, or reagents through channels of near microscopic dimension, OEMs trust Piedmont CMG’s expertise and quality microfluidic products to meet their strict specifications. Our microfluidic component products help our customers produce products that often have shorter cycle times, higher throughput, take up less space, and can reduce the overall cost of machine operation.

Laser Welded Manifold

Bonded Microfluidic Manifolds

When complex microfluidic channels are required for an application, our diffusion bonded microfluidic manifolds provide the ultimate solution. Our industry-leading, proprietary diffusion bonding technology gives us an edge over the competitors when it comes to microfluidic manifolds. Our process enables us to successfully and repetitively bond layers as small as ¼”, while maintaining burr free, contamination free microfluidic channels. Our microfluidic manifolds have been used in highly complex and demanding industries for years, such as In Vitro Diagnostics, DNA Sequencing, and many others.

Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic Chips, sometimes referred to as Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) technology, are extremely small devices that can integrate multiple flows and functions in a microfluidics process. They can be as small as a few centimeters yet can accomplish high throughput in screening or testing. Piedmont CMG has the ability to machine and manufacture Microfluidic Chips to almost any specification required. Our experience with this technology enables us to fabricate these chips out of multiple plastic materials.

Laser Welded
Microfluidic Manifolds

Piedmont CMG also offers Laser Welding for Microfluidic Manifolds. These precision machined plastic multilayered manifolds are capable of directing fluids down to the microliter while maintaining a strong, non-intrusive bond. Our laser welded microfluidic manifolds offer the ultimate in precision bonding of microfluidic components.