Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

As a contract manufacturer for OEMs in the Life Science, Medical, Biopharmaceutical, Aerospace, and many more industries, Piedmont CMG has developed a diverse set of contract manufacturing services and capabilities to satisfy the requests of our customers. Just as our customers, their products, and their requirements evolve over time, so do our technology and contract manufacturing services.

Diffusion Bonding of
Performance Plastics

Diffusion Bonding of engineering thermoplastics is a core competency at Piedmont CMG. Our proprietary diffusion bonding process allows us to fuse together multiple layers of a chosen thermoplastic at the molecular level, creating a permanent bond without the use of adhesives. This technology is especially valuable for OEM’s designing a fluidic manifold with microfluidic channels, or for a contamination-free bonded manifold with many fluid paths concentrated into a limited space requirement.

Thermoforming of
Plastic Tubing

OEM’s often request modification to high performance plastic tubing or engineering-grade plastic tubing to fit the requirements of a new device or application. Piedmont CMG’s assembly facility offers a wide range of value-added tubing services, including but not limited to: heat shrink labeling, thermoformed bends and coils, FormFit flanges, flares, tipping, cut-to-length, kitting, laser etching, ink-jet printing, UV adhesive curing, sterilization, and much more.

Plastics CNC Machining
Milling & Turning

At Piedmont CMG, we’ve been machining high performance plastics, engineering thermoplastics, and a wide variety of standard polymers for decades. OEMs turn to us for our depth and breadth of experience with the most critical components and fluidic hubs that are essential to the success of their applications. The latest high-speed CNC milling equipment and techniques are just standard operating procedure in our machining facility.

Contract Manufacturing

The CMG in our name stands for “Contract Manufacturing Group.” As the name implies, we are a contract manufacturer who provides products and services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Though we often integrate a wide variety of materials into our fluidic assemblies at the request of our customers, our specialty and expertise comes from decades of experience in working with performance plastics, engineering thermoplastics, and whole host of other polymers across nearly any industry you can name. We are plastics manufacturing experts.

Value-Added Assembly

As a contract manufacturer, we commonly do much more than machine parts or diffusion bond manifolds. Often, machined fluidic components, chemically-inert tubing, and diffusion bonded manifolds are part of a fluidic sub-assembly that is tested and validated to customer requirements before being shipped off as a plug-and-play fluidic solution. Value-Added Assembly at Piedmont CMG is a catch-all phrase we use to explain everything from adding heat shrink labels on tubing to the installation and testing of pumps and valves on fluidic manifold assemblies.

Rapid Prototyping

We proudly offer a designated prototyping area and strive to provide our customers with a quick and easy prototyping process. In many situations, our customers have a limited amount of time to develop their next device and bring it to market. A shortened lead time with dedicated equipment helps them reach the next iteration of design in a timely manner. This capability gives OEM’s and engineers a strategic advantage over their competitors, who are always looking for an edge to be first to market and capture market share. Contact us to find out if your design is right for a rapid prototype.