Leak Decay Testing

What is a Leak Decay Test?

Leak Decay Testing is a calibrated test using a given tolerance of decay to determine if all components are fully seated and have no leaks. CMG uses digital instrumentation to pressurize, hold the pressure and monitor for any reduction in pressure – indicating a leak.

Manifold Leak Decay Testing

Leak Decay Testing for
Manifold Assemblies, Valves & Tubing

Testing the manifold for leaks will determine if the components are seated correctly and properly sealed. Effectiveness of any glued joints will also be determined by the test.

Contract Manufactured Assemblies

How does Leak Decay Testing Help Our Customers?

CMG is able to handle the time consuming Leak Decay Tests for our customers and will ensure the parts do not leak fluids onto and into other fluidic parts on an instrument that could prove costly and lead to inaccurate instrument tests.

Functional Flow Testing & Leak-Decay Testing