Formed Polymer Plastic Tubing

What is Formed Plastic Tubing?

Formed polymer plastic tubing is manufactured using heat processes to bend, mold, form, flange, flare, or otherwise change the straight, extruded shape of plastic tubing to meet the requirements of a customer. As a plastics expert, Piedmont CMG utilizes various methods to form tubing and tube assemblies with both industry standard and proprietary technology.

Plastic Tube Flanges & Flares

Flaring and Flanging tubes are thermoforming operations. The flares and  flanges are made by inserting a die into the inner diameter of the tube and heating and cooling the end of the tube quickly to form the flare or flange.

Several Plastic Tubes Made of Various Materials Used in Medical Tubing

Piedmont CMG offers custom flanged or flared tubing for machine components requiring precise flow, leak-proof, and chemically inert fluidic transfer. Our years of experience in working with clinical diagnostic, immunoassay, and DNA sequencing OEMs has made us the leading facility for specialized tubing needs. Tube flares and flanges are formed in a similar process but offer different uses depending on the requirement of the component.

Flanged Plastic Tubing for
Medical & Life Sciences

Flanged tubes open up the tube wall outward at a 90-degree angle to provide an anti-pullout element for fittings. The fittings are used to connect the tube to manifolds, pumps and other components. Flanges in plastic tubing offer significant advantages in ensuring a secure, leak-proof fit into any port with no dead volume areas or carryover. Piedmont CMG has developed unparalleled technology called FormFit Flanges to produce custom flanged plastic tubing to the most precise specifications demanded by any industry.

The precise tolerances and uniform wall thickness on our proprietary FormFit thermo-molded flanges are repeatable and consistent, giving CMG unrivaled accuracy and flexibility of design.

Flared Plastic Tubing

Flared tubes provide an enlarged end for connecting the tube directly onto another component. This is how we connect other fittings to tubing, such as:

Plastic Tubing Components and Fittings for Medical Tubing

  • Barbs
  • Ferrules
  • Luers
  • Tees
  • Valves

Tube flares and flanges are used in critical fluidic applications for medical diagnostics, DNA sequencing, pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, cooling of electronics, and many other industries requiring precise, high-performance fluidic systems. Piedmont CMG is able to aid engineers in these industries when they are designing instruments that require fluidic tube assemblies. Design engineers often appreciate our ability to precisely flange tubing to tight tolerances in high volume repeatedly using automated processes unrivaled in the tube assembly industry.