Level-Sensing Containers & Bottle Assemblies

Custom Level-Sensing Containers &
Bottle Assemblies

Custom level sensing bottle assemblies are manufactured to our customer’s exact specifications and they demonstrate Piedmont CMG’s full range of quality workmanship. They require multiple manufacturing processes including precision machining, skilled assembly, integrated electronics, continuity and functional testing, along with custom protective packaging. The Visual Work Instructions (VWI) used to manage the manufacturing steps of these bottle assemblies are among the most comprehensive and detailed work instructions we have created.

Plastic Welding a Level-Sensing Container Carboy & Bottle Assembly

An OEM’s custom design may require a simple to complex level sensing bottle assembly. Piedmont CMG has been manufacturing some of the most complex level sensing bottle assemblies that are provided to the Life Sciences industry since the mid 1990’s.

Level Sensors & Float Switches

Custom bottle assemblies normally require a level sensor or a float switch to indicate the fluid level in a bottle. Level sensors and float switches are available in multiple configurations.

Integrated Electronics

Other materials and hardware typically designed into custom level sensing bottle assemblies are electrical connectors, wires, contact pins, polymer tubing, spiral wrap, fittings, couplings and quick connectors, seals and filters. Metal sleeves are used when required to enhance the structural integrity of the bottle.

Manufacturing Bottle & Cap Assemblies

Managing the manufacture of these items with a large quantity of different materials and hardware requires skillful planning and inventory management, especially as we operate in an extremely lean manufacturing environment. These are areas that Piedmont CMG excels at.

We fully test and validate the functionality and reliability of all level sensing bottle assemblies before being packed for shipment. These items require custom protective packaging that includes custom boxes and foam inserts to protect the bottle and external components and custom tubes to protect internal components during shipment.

Custom Bottle Caps for Reagent and Waste Storage Bottles with Sensors and Wiring Attached