Quality Assurance & Traceability

Piedmont CMG combines 40 years of experience in diverse contract manufacturing services with a customer focused environment. Piedmont CMG’s customers recognize its unique combination of world class performance and user friendliness. Customer satisfaction is achieved through responsiveness, reliability, training, and commitment to excellence. These focused qualities and experience provide a platform for CMG to participate in Web based forecast systems and lean inventory programs. CMG has been on the cutting edge of these programs and currently participates at a strategic level in a diverse group of customer defined programs.

Customer Expectations are extensively documented and defined within a team focused Visual Work Instruction program. Electronic scheduling provides real time visibility to order status, progress, and completion. Real time data collection assesses quality, quantity, and efficiency. This perpetual assessment contributes directly to CMG’s world class performance.

Dashboard communications contribute to employee awareness and direct customer feedback. Robust performance measurements provide feedback and confirmation of CMG’s continual performance at a world class level.

What Our Customers Say

“The live data center used for scheduling, job status and queue was fantastic!”

“The Piedmont CMG facility was very impressive. The main highlights of the audit were the clean and organized facility, well defined manufacturing process, live data scheduling center, and the visual work instructions. The team demonstrated proficiency in all areas audited, with a strong quality system and dedication to quality. In conclusion, there were no observations or reasons for concern found during the audit.”

“Customer returns have remained to the right of the decimal for years and continue to improve in alignment with CMG’s stated goals.”