Reagent & Waste Bottles & Carboys

Reagent & Waste Bottles & Carboys

CMG has decades of experience in providing OEMs with customized bottles, carboys, and cap assemblies built to their specifications. These containers require multiple manufacturing capabilities, including precision machining, plastic welding, skilled assembly, and functional testing, along with custom protective packaging.

A few of the most common uses for these items are the storage and dispersion of reagents and other chemicals, water and cleaning fluids, and the collection of waste liquids.

Reagent & Waste
Nalgene® Bottles & Carboys

An OEM’s design may require a modification to a plastic bottle or carboy to fit the unique requirements of their device. From custom ports and tubing to filtration systems and level sensors, CMG has you covered.

Waste Bottle Assemblies

Plastic welding and custom fittings are utilized to create bottles, carboys, and other storage containers with custom ports for a variety of functions.

Bottle Caps

Bottle cap assemblies integrate components into the flat surface of a bottle cap, such as tubing, filtration systems, or other required components.

Level Sensors &
Float Switches

As the name implies, a level sensor signals when fluid levels have reach a certain point, either full or empty and time for refill.

Polymer Tubing for
Reagents & Waste Water

Quick-disconnect tubing assemblies for ease of use, service, and installation. Chemically inert and ready for use with reagents, samples, or waste.

Integrated Electronics

Sensors, switches, filtration systems, and much more. Whatever your device or container requires to function as desired.

Fittings Couplings & Connectors

Hardware for securing leak-free and chemically-inert connections in tubing and bottle assemblies.