Testing & Validation

Testing & Validation Service for Fluidic Manifolds

Piedmont CMG offers validation and testing services for our fluidic manifolds, pneumatic manifolds, tube assemblies & other fluidic management components. We specialize in offering a turn-key assembly to limit inspection & testing requirements performed by our customers. Let us handle your project today!

Functional Flow Testing

Functional tests can be performed with water and/or air for verification of effective flow through passages in manifolds, drains, and other fluidic devices. This test is effective in determining obstructions in component parts and blind passages that are otherwise difficult for OEMs to inspect.

Volumetric Flow Rate

Calibrated and precise flow measurement is available for manifold and fluidic devices to your specifications with air and gas flows from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 ml/min. This is performed with digital instrumentation, pressure, and flow rate detection instruments.

Leak Decay Testing

Calibrated leak testing to a prescribed decay tolerance is available for fluidic assemblies to ensure that the sealing of devices, plugs, and other components are seated and have no leaks. The device is pressurized to a predetermined value, held, and then monitored for a reduction in pressure over a specific time period. This is performed with digital instrumentation designed for measuring leak decay.

Electronic Circuits &
Device Validation

Custom or standard wiring harnesses that integrate with fluidic components can be tested functionally with test stands or electronic metering devices. Pumps, valves, and similar components can also be cycled for verification for populated assemblies.