Electronic Circuits & Device Validation

What is an Electronic Circuit & Device Validation Test?

Piedmont CMG tests electronic components connected to custom & standard wire harnesses & populated manifold assemblies. We use electronic metering devices and functional tests to verify serviceability of the electronics.


Fluidic Manifold Assembly with Pumps, Wires, and Sensors for Immunoassay Instruments
  • No Faulty Pumps
  • Proper sequencing & Functionality of Valves
  • Validation of Pressure Sensors
  • Level Sensors work properly
  • General operation of devices and circuit boards

How Does Testing Electronics Help Our Customers?

CMG’s customers benefit from our electronics testing because it ensures that the manifold will arrive functioning properly. Supplying fully-functioning manifold assemblies is essential to keeping our customers’ timelines intact.

Interior of a Wire Harness
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