Contract Manufactured Products

Contract Manufactured Products

As a contract manufacturer, CMG produces a variety of products with unique functions to suit the diverse requirements of our customers. All of our product lines center around our expertise in plastics and fluidics.

Valve Assembly

An assembly or sub-assembly with functional components mounted directly onto the surface of a fluidic manifold. Commonly integrated components include solenoid valves, rotary valves, pressure and flow sensors, degassers / debubblers, tubing assemblies, and much more.

Bottle Assembly

Customized bottles and carboys with caps that have been manufactured to integrate level-sensors, float switches, filtrations systems, tubing, or other functional components. Modified containers such as these are often required on the supply and / or waste side of a laboratory instrument or life science analytical device.

Chemically Inert
Tubing Assembly

A combination of polymer tubing and connectors, fittings, or other hardware to ensure a leak-free connection from one component to the next. Offered in a variety of materials, from Tygon to Teflon to PEEK, and everything in between.


A central hub for all fluidic circuits flowing through a device. A variety of material choices, unique bonding technology, and design flexibility all make manifolds a highly useful tool for concentrating fluid paths to save space, time, and cost on a device.

Precision Machined
Plastic Components

CMG’s expertise in plastics, combined with decades of precision machining and cutting-edge, proprietary software have placed us in a unique position in our industry. We commonly manufacture the most critical components of new devices, requiring precision, quality, traceability, and a close partnership with our valued customers.


Microfluidic Systems are used for the flow of very small and precise amounts of fluid. This technology allows for decreased sample and reagent consumption, smaller and lighter overall device design, less energy consumption, and the potential for a reduction in the total cost of an application.

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