Virtual Audit

What is a Virtual Audit?

The virtual audit capability at CMG has been years in the making. Long before the increase in travel restrictions and social distancing, we recognized the incredible time and cost-savings advantages of offering a virtual audit to our customers and potential partners. A virtual audit allows customers to evaluate our quality control procedures, management control systems, and many other essential functions that are commonly required to qualify as an approved supplier. This is all accomplished through online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software.

Virtual Audit for Medical Contract Manufacturer

Why Conduct a Virtual Audit?

Assuring Customer Satisfaction

Traveling for supplier audits can be time consuming for key personnel, a major expense, and a roadblock for creating new successful business partnerships. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased travel risks and restrictions, making business travel both dangerous and difficult under current conditions.

What is Covered in a Virtual Audit?

During a virtual audit, CMG presents and satisfies all the same information and criteria that are required for completing an audit by the book, in-person. Through virtual tours of our facilities, file-sharing of quality and procedure manuals, screen-sharing of records and process documentation, and live demonstrations of CMG’s world-class management control systems, our team quickly answers any question posed by auditors, compliance teams, engineers, and purchasing/procurement managers.

Virtual Quality System Audit Agenda for Precision Plastics Machining Plant

Schedule a Virtual Audit?

Piedmont CMG has already successfully completed numerous virtual audits and welcome the expansion of this useful capability to our partners and potential customers. If you’re interested in working with the industry leader in diffusion bonding, laboratory-grade tubing assemblies, and fluidic manifold assemblies, save your company time and money while protecting the health of your key personnel by contacting us today to schedule a virtual audit with CMG.