Diffusion Bonded Ultem™ Manifold

Advantages of Ultem™ Diffusion Bonded Manifolds

Diffusion bonded Ultem™ manifolds are known for very high tensile strength, excellent thermal properties, and a broad range of chemical resistance. Since diffusion bonded manifolds are bonded at the molecular layer, the resulting manifold will exhibit essentially the same thermal and chemical properties as the base polymer, PEI. This permanent bond is uniform and even difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Bonded Ultem Fluidic Manifold Design

Key Applications of Diffusion Bonded Ultem™ (PEI) Manifolds

Ultem™ is used in a variety of industries but is especially prominent in the IVD and medical diagnostic fields. Surgical tools, trays, handles, and test trials are all manufactured from this material due its ability to be cleaned for repeated use. Medical applications requiring resistance to steam autoclave, hot air, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, and cold chemical sterilization utilize this material. Ultem™ is the material of choice in diffusion bonded manifolds where higher heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability are required beyond cast acrylic abilities.

Ultem Bonding and Machining