Categories of Manifolds

CMG manufactures many types of manifolds for a variety of industries and applications. Below are common categories of contract manufactured plastic manifolds:

Diffusion Bonded Manifolds

Diffusion bonded manifolds are our core competency at Piedmont CMG. Our proprietary diffusion bonding technology is unrivaled in the industry and supplies OEMs around the world with critical parts and assemblies that are central to the design of their application.

Designing A Manifold

We’ve written a guide to help design your next manifold for manufacturing. Contact us at any time if you would like assistance or to benefit from our design service.

CNC Machined Manifolds

Machined manifolds are a cost-effective solution when straight fluid paths satisfy the requirements of an application. CNC machining manifolds opens the process and design up to a wide variety of materials that can meet the most demanding chemical, thermal, and tensile properties.

Bonded Manifolds

There are multiple methods of bonding plastic manifolds. To weigh the pros and cons of each method, visit our bonded manifold page to learn more.

Pneumatic Manifolds

Pneumatic manifolds are integrated into an assembly to provide a junction for directing compressed air or gas in a pneumatic system. These manifolds can be as simple or complex as the design requires, and can be made from a wide variety of plastic materials.

Microfluidic Manifolds

Microfluidic manifolds are an evolving technology utilized in many cutting-edge applications across a variety of industries. We manufacture microfluidic components with precision and repeatability to strict specifications.