The CMG Difference

What sets Piedmont CMG apart from the competition in Precision Performance Plastics Machining & Manufacturing? We know it’s about more than just the product being delivered. It’s about the quality of the product and the quality of the customer experience. You’re not looking for just a product, you’re looking for a trusted partner to deliver on a promise; consistently and reliably. That’s why here at Piedmont CMG, we’ve spent decades developing what we call The CMG Difference. This is a culture of excellence we’ve created to outperform and outlast our competitors. It is a personal, dedicated system that focuses on providing the best possible experience for our customers. It consists of the five pillars:

  • People
  • Customer Obsessed
  • Material Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Continuous Improvement
Plastics Machinist Verifying Procedures Using Visual Work Instructions for Plastic Manifold

Our People

Plastics Manufacturing & Machining Team at Piedmont CMG

Piedmont CMG is a company filled with hard-working employees with decades of experience who have perfected a dynamic work environment that is dedicated to unquestionably superior customer service and satisfaction. Our company is fueled by a performance-based mindset with an ingrained commitment to continually improving in all areas. We like to say we are a culture of change. No one ever gets far by staying the same, so we have an open-door policy for any employee to suggest potential improvements and a management team that is willing to work toward that end. The people are the foundation that makes Piedmont CMG the outstanding company that it is.

CMG currently employs 80 dedicated people with decades of experience in the contract manufacturing of precision manufactured and assembled products. This experience includes extensive training, internships, apprenticeships, and on-going personal improvements leading to an open, visible, and employee-centered, employee-empowered work environment.

Our staff are well-versed in employee accountability and the importance of traceability. We utilize real-time performance data and real-time information recording to create awareness for all employees and ensure a quality product with near-zero chances for defects. With all these strategies in place, the Piedmont CMG environment is one that enables immediate employee feedback with targeted feedback. These are the tactics that our people exercise to put Piedmont CMG above the rest and provide exceptional results for our customers.

Customer Obsessed

Plastic Machinist Visually Inspecting a CNC Milled Acrylic Manifold for Defects

Just as we are people first with our employees, we are people focused with our customers. Our customer service is dedicated to the best possible customer experience starting with answering the phone the first time you call us. There is no voicemail, no “listen to our menu has changed,” no “choose a number for…” Piedmont CMG is real people in the U.S. answering your call. And they are eagerly ready, willing, and able to respond to any questions you have. We strive to answer your questions, provide feedback, and work with you promptly, accurately, and decisively. Our aim is to achieve the results you set out to accomplish on that first phone call.

At Piedmont CMG, our staff has created a customer-focused environment in which we establish confirmation to customer conversations and decisions. We ensure that all employees involved in the project are on the same page as the customer to achieve optimal results. We utilize video conference technology to schedule meeting to review collective information in real-time anywhere in the world.

Piedmont CMG’s goal is complete customer satisfaction beginning and ending with a friendly, courteous, factual, informative, and cooperative team. Knowledgeable and dedicated people are assigned to Piedmont CMG’s customer to allow expert knowledge, understanding, and specific customer needs and requirements. We also have an unparalleled cross-training program that enables almost anyone to assist, should the need arise.

Material Knowledge

Altogether, we have nearly a century of experience in the plastics industry under one roof. We have been working with and studying plastics and their material qualities for over 40 years. Because of our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, Piedmont CMG chooses to specialize in precision plastic materials only. This allows for a clean manufacturing environment with no petroleum-based coolants or metal shavings that can contaminate materials. Our expertise in this area enables us to provide high quality products to the most demanding industries in the world.

Thanks to this wealth of knowledge surrounding the capabilities and uses of performance plastics, Piedmont CMG has assisted many customers in material selection, designing for manufacturability, and early product development. Piedmont CMG’s niche is in precision machined, formed, and assembled applications – a unique position in the plastics world. Tight tolerances, manufacturing repeatability, and its diversity of manufacturing processes including diffusion bonding and heat treating provides Piedmont CMG with unique opportunities to assist its customers.

Industry Leading Technology

JIT Scheduling for Contract Manufacturing

Piedmont CMG is a technology driven company in its procedures, methods, systems, capabilities, and capacities. We have industry-leading, world class achievement and recognition in our use of technology in these areas. We don’t just utilize available technology; we develop one-of-a-kind technologies and techniques in-house. Our plant is filled with cutting-edge equipment and systems. Our Visual Work Instructions (VWIs) are unmatched in the industry and provide an extra assurance of quality in any customer order. The Command & Control Center is the ultimate scheduling tool and unique only to Piedmont CMG. Piedmont CMG is the only performance plastics contract manufacturer to offer Virtual Tours and Virtual Audits, which enable customers to get a deep look into our lean processes and plants from anywhere in the world.

Piedmont CMG has extensive experience in customer web portal use and implementation. We plan, schedule, manage, and execute internal capacities to complement the needs of our diverse customer base. Efficiencies, manufacturing lot sizes, lead time reduction, capacity planning, and individual customer needs contribute to minimizing customer inventories, rapid response, and scheduling flexibility in a lean environment.

Continuous Improvement

Visual Inspection Tool for Plastic Manifold Assembly Used in Clinical Diagnostics Machine

At Piedmont CMG, we thrive to remain at the top of our industry. As a strategic goal, we are committed to perpetual and continuous improvement in not just our other four pillars, but all aspects of our business. As a private family owned company, we are committed to the success of our employees, customer relationships, and world-class status as the trusted partner in engineering plastics contract manufacturing. As an industry leader, we plan to always stay that way through continuous assessment and investment in our technology, staff, and customers. Through risk evaluation and leaning on our decades of experience, Piedmont CMG is able to ensure the highest levels of operational performance for years to come.

By establishing a culture of rapid response, perpetual change, and continuous improvement, Piedmont CMG has developed a dynamic work environment that is empowered by the very team that works in it. Lean structure, decisiveness, and process control help contribute to the never-ending process of improving our products and techniques. By living and working this value of continuous improvement, we provide our customers with world class results in a lean, cost-effective environment.