Rapid Prototyping Plastic Parts & Manifolds

Rapid Prototyping for Plastic Parts & Manifolds

Rapid Prototyping utilizes a variety of technologies and produces a sample batch of a given part based on a computer aided design (CAD) model or a print. When it comes to producing a critical performance plastic sample part, you want a partner you can trust with systems in place dedicated to the fast production of a prototype.

Small Batch Plastic Prototyping Experts

At Piedmont CMG, we understand the urgency Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are under to produce a small batch of parts for engineers to decide what will (or will not) work on a machine they are designing. We proudly offer a designated prototyping area and we strive to provide our customers with a quick and easy prototyping process. In most situations, our customers are working in a limited time frame and manufacturing parts on short notice with a short lead time helps their cause. Along with creating parts in a timely fashion, this process can also be a cost-effective alternative to making a large order, especially when there is a high probability of future design changes.

Microfluidic Pathways in a Diffusion Bonded Microfluidic Manifold Used in DNA Sequencing Machine
Plastics Machinist Verifying Procedures Using Visual Work Instructions for Plastic Manifold

Rapid Production of Manifold Prototypes

In recent years, rapid prototyping has become a common request for any company offering a wide range of contract manufactured customer-specific products. CNC Machining of high-performance plastic offers a quick part turnaround along with cost and weight reduction tendencies for the end-product. Although nearly any industry can benefit from this form of prototyping, the Clinical Diagnostic, Immunoassay, DNA Sequencing, and Aerospace industries have capitalized on this process due to the need for high-performance plastic materials and demanding specifications required. Manufacturers and engineers of these industries are always looking for an edge over the market and Piedmont CMG has helped many companies gain that leading edge.