Volumetric Flow Rate

What is a Volumetric Flow Rate Test?

CMG performs calibrated and precise flow measurements for manifold and fluidic devices to your specifications with air and gas flows from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min. Using air pressure from a digital instrument and utilizing a flow rate instrument is a common practice for this test.

Flow Testing

Why Do Manifold Assemblies Benefit from Volumetric Flow Rate Testing?

The Flow Rate test ensures the manifold assembly has the proper volume of air or fluid running thru the channels of the manifold. Deviations to the flow rate specifications will be identified and corrected by removing blockages and any contaminants that may be causing the deviation.

Diffusion Bonded Channel Edges

How does Volumetric Flow Rate Testing Help Our Customers?

Testing the flow rate of manifold assemblies is a time-consuming process and many customers use CMG to eliminate the requirement in their facility.

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