Acrylic Cast


Cast Acrylic is a highly durable, light in weight, tough, impact resistant plastic utilized in many different industries and applications. Acrylic is widely used due to its cost effectiveness, the ability to see the fluidic channels in clear acrylic manifolds, ease of machining & diffusion bonding ability.

Characteristics of ACRYLIC

Thermoplastic, crystal clear, light in weight, reasonably tough, durable, flexible in thin sections, transmits light around corners, low water vapor diffusion constant, resistant to the effects of light, oxygen, water and their composite action during weathering.  Cast sheets noted for high degree of ultra violet transmission. Can be made to absorb ultra violet by special compounding.

Applications of ACRYLIC

  • Transparent aircraft or automotive enclosures
  • Radio and television parts
  • Lighting and drafting equipment
  • Reflectors
  • Control panels
  • Containers
  • Dial gauge lenses
  • Light diffusers
  • Optical systems
  • Spectacles
  • Study models
  • Architectural paneling
  • Outdoor signs and displays
  • Fluidic manifolds
  • Diffusion bonded manifolds
  • Wash stations
  • Waste and water fluidic applications
  • Analytical, Laboratory and Medical instruments

Physical Properties of ACRYLIC

Acrylic Properties