DELRIN® AF & CL Key Facts

Delrin® AF is a unique thermoplastic consisting of oriented TFE fibers uniformly dispersed in acetal resin. This combination produces a material with higher surface lubricity than unmodified acetal, while retaining acetal’s strength, dimensional stability, and toughness.

The outstanding properties of Delrin® AF are those associated with sliding friction. Bearings made from it will sustain high loads when operating at fast speeds and will show little wear. In addition, bearings will be essentially free of slip-stick behavior because the static and dynamic coefficients of friction are almost equal. Delrin® AF is being used for bearings of several basic designs, in a variety of applications. Its high performance as an unlubricated bearing surface has been the driving force for its acceptance. Additional areas of use are gears, cams, and other moving parts which need excellent frictional properties, resistance to wear, and ease of fabrication. In addition to lower friction, bearings and moving parts made from Delrin® AF show one of the highest degrees of wear resistance obtainable in a thermoplastic bearing material.

Delrin® 500 CL acetal resin is a new thermoplastic resin which combines low wear and frictional properties with strength, impact resistance, good processability and colorability. It consists of a uniformly dispersed chemical lubricant additive in Delrin® 500.

Delrin® 500 CL is easily machined and equal to or better than soft brass. It can be sawed, drilled, turned, milled, shaped, reamed, threaded and tapped, blanked and punched, filed, sanded and polished

Key Features of DELRIN® AF & CL

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Strong, stiff, and tough
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Non-conductor

Wear and Friction

  • Low wear and friction
  • Low stick slip
  • No lubrication required


  • Smooth surfaces

Low Production Costs

  • Easy fill and mold release
  • Assembly by snap fits or welding
  • Multifunctional design (i.e., one part per­ forms function of four)
  • High productivity at low costs

Applications of DELRIN® AF & CL

  • Counter Assemblies
  • Conveyor Parts
  • Clocks and Watches
  • Record Changers
  • Meters
  • Switch Mechanisms
  • Business Machines
  • Calculators
  • Lock Assemblies
  • Gears, Bearings and Springs
  • Lab Diagnostic Equipment