ENVEX® Polyimides for Demanding Environments

Self-lubricating ENVEX® polyimides exhibit low wear rates and high strength at temperature extremes, extending operational life and reducing maintenance costs.

High performers at elevated temperatures, ENVEX® polyimides are also recommended for a variety of other applications including nuclear and vacuum environments. They offer radiation, chemical and solvent resistance along with good dimensional stability. Conductive or insulating grades are available.

ENVEX® polyimide stock shapes-rods, tubes, plaques or billets-are available for machining. They are also available as finished machined parts; both extruded and intricate direct formed parts molded to a defined geometry.

New Ultrasonic Grade of ENVEX® (POLYIMIDE)

ENVEX® E1001 polyimide is now available from Rogers. Made especially for ultrasonic applications, it exhibits excellent attenuation properties over a broad temperature range and exhibits good dimensional stability. E1001 is available as machinable stock shapes, in a variety of sizes.

Applications of ENVEX

Physical Properties of POLYIMIDE-ENVEX®

Envex Properties