FLUOROSINT® 500 & 207 Key Facts

Fluorosint® 500

Fluorosint® 500 is a synthetic mica filled PTFE fluorocarbon developed to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of unmodified PTFE without affecting its unique electrical and chemical properties.

Because of this mica additive, Fluorosint® 500 exhibits a variety of improved performance characteristics over pure PTFE. With its low coefficient of thermal expansion, Fluorosint® 500 has a wide continuous service temperature range and has the added advantage of operating at substantially higher temperatures for limited periods. This low coefficient of thermal expansion, approximately one­ half that of PTFE, virtually eliminates fit and clearance problems in parts made from Fluorosint® 500.

Fluorosint®500 features excellent electrical properties. Its low dissipation rate over a full range of use temperatures leaves it virtually unaffected by frequency changes. Similar to PTFE in dielectric strength, combined with its heat resistance, and surface and volume resistivity, Fluorosint® 500 is an ideal material for coil forms, stand-off insulators and electrical insulating wear parts.

Fluorosint® 207

Fluorosint® 207 is a mica filled PTFE; filled at approximately half the level of Fluorosint 500. The lower level of mica content results in a more ductile materials that exhibits a higher coefficient of thermal expansion. Fluorosint 207 is superior to glass-filled PTFE in certain mechanical properties. Tests and field experience indicate that Fluorosint 207 is also less abrasive on mating metal parts than similar glass-filled PTFE.

The optimum blend of synthetic mica and TFE which comprises Fluorosint 207 makes it an outstanding material for use in steam service and hot air applications. It retains its form stability to approximately 550°F, and is used typically in ball valve seats, butterfly valve seats, seal rings and gaskets that require the particular advantages of this material.

Applications of FLUOROSINT® 500 & 207

  • Valve Seats
  • Stand-off insulation
  • Insulator wear parts
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Slides
  • Seal rings
  • Gaskets
  • Washers

Physical Properties of FLUOROSINT® 500 & 207

Fluorosint Properties