HYDEX® 4101 Key Facts

HYDEX® 4101 is a uniform high performance engineering thermoplastic made from GE plastics, VALOX* PBT­ Polybutylene terephthalate. It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester. HYDEX® 4101 is characterized as having good mechanical and electrical properties and does not exhibit porosity in extruded form.

Key Features of HYDEX® 4101

  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • NO Porosity
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Good Impact
  • High Mechanical Strength and Rigidity
  • Good Abrasion Resistance and Lubricity
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Good Machinability
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • FDA Grades Available

Applications of HYDEX® 4101

Electrical/Electronic Applications

  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Motor Parts
  • Coil Bobbins

Small Engine Components

  • Rotor Shafts
  • Gears
  • Ignition Components

Material Handling

  • Gears
  • Bearing
  • Conveyor Wear Parts

Physical Properties of HYDEX® 4101

HYDEX 4101 Properties