HYDLAR® is a unique engineering thermoplastic that is both long-wearing and affordable. Reinforced with the lightweight strength of KEVLAR® aramid fiber, HYDLAR® is able to meet the high performance standards required of aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Benefits of HYDLAR® ECTFE

  • In instances where reinforced nylon and other thermoplastics normally wear out, the slippery, long-lasting properties of HYDLAR® offer superior wear resistance and high impact strength.
  • Metals require lubrication. High-temperature resistant plastics are hard to get. Both are expensive.
  • Only HYDLAR® offers higher heat deflection in both intermittent and constant temperature ranges at a moderate price.

Applications of HYDLAR® ECTFE

  • Pulleys
  • Bearings (Heavy load)
  • Canning mandrels
  • Casters
  • High strength wheels
  • Rollers
  • Wear plates
  • Bushings (In water)
  • Compressor vanes
  • High temperature applications – Bushings

Properties of HYDLAR® ECTFE

Chemical Resistance:

  • Solvents – excellent
  • Acids and caustic solvents – fair
  • Oxidizing acids – poor

Physical Properties:

  • Service Temperature 485°F

Tensile Properties:

  • Modulus – 1.4 million psi
  • Flexural strength – 18,000
  • Tensile strength – 12,000