NORYL® Key Facts

Noryl is utilized in a variety of applications but since it is FDA approved, it is commonly used in water distribution along with some usage in the medical field. Water softener valves, pump parts, and beverage dispenser components are manufactured with this material due to its low moisture absorption qualities. Just like many of the other high- performance plastics, Noryl is chosen to make medical utensils, trays, basins and vaporizers. All of these selected applications point to Noryl’s innate ability to function in moist environments with exposure to a variety of different liquids without losing any key functions.

Noryl has the ability to perform at high and low temperatures- as low as -40°F and as high as 265°F under load. High electrical strength and low moisture absorption also contribute to Noryl’s added value and predicted mechanical strength over a wide range of temperatures. This material is produced in four different grades, each with distinguishing qualities such as an expanded range of strength, toughness and heat resistance that can suit a variety of needs.

Key Features of NORYL®

  • Premium performance and a UL V-1 rating
  • Excellent machineability when stress relieved
  • Outstanding thermal & electrical properties
  • High resistance to creep
  • Long term dimensional stability
  • Outstanding hydrolytic stability
  • FDA approved

Applications of NORYL®

Water Distribution

  • Water softener
  • Valves
  • Pump components
  • Ball cocks and tank trim
  • Beverage dispenser components


  • Specialty hardware
  • Bezels, housings
  • Gauges and instrument parts
  • Coil forms and bobbins
  • Fender extensions
  • Mass transit seat housings

Appliances/Business Machines

  • Housing (portable mixers, calculators, computers, electric knives)
  • Coffee pots and components
  • Attachments (vacuum sweepers and floor polishers)
  • Plated and vacuum metallized parts (decorative and functional use)


  • Surgical instruments
  • Vaporizer parts
  • Utensils, trays, basins
  • Machined Manifolds

Electrical Components

  • Terminal boards
  • Relay cases
  • Radio and TV components
  • Connectors and live guards
  • Motor controls and wiring devices

Physical Properties of NORYL®

Properties of Noryl