NYLON ZYTEL® ST801 Key Facts

Zytel® ST 801 HS super tough nylon resin is a heat stabilized member of the new family of tough nylon resins. Zytel® ST 801 HS provides resistance to embrittlement at elevated service temperatures while maintaining an extremely high impact strength and the notch insensitivity associated with Zytel® ST 801. Zytel® ST 801 HS retains its toughness even under adverse conditions such as low moisture content and low temperatures. Zytel® also maintains outstanding resistance to both crack initiation and crack propagation.

The combination of strength, chemical, and heat resistance, and lack of notch sensitivity makes Zytel® ST 801 HS the material of choice in many demanding applications. These applications include components, power tool housings, outdoor power equipment, machinery parts and electrical hardware. Zytel® ST 801 HS can be considered as a replacement for both metals and polycarbonates in applications not requiring transparency.

Key Benefits of NYLON ZYTEL® ST801

  • Increased Design flexibility
  • Product reliability
  • Abuse resistance
  • Useful in hostile environments
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Excellent appearance
  • Outstanding toughness
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Easy fill/fast-molding cycles
  • Good surface and colorability

Physical Properties of NYLON ZYTEL® ST801

Properties of NYLON ZYTEL® ST801