PES Radel® A (Polyethersulfone)

Facts about PES Radel® A (Polyethersulfone)

One of the greatest attributes of Polyether sulfone (PES) is its resistance to high temperatures. PES offers a combination of chemical resistance and dry heat capabilities superior to Polysulfone (Udel®) or polyetherimide (Ultem®).

Machined parts made from PES offer high resistance to heat and combustibility, low smoke emission, and transparency. Other features include being light weight with good impact resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance, making PES useful in the electronics and aerospace industries. Radel® A is FDA approved.

Properties of PES Radel® A (Polyethersulfone)

PES Radel A Property Sheet

Applications of PES Radel® A Polyethersulfone

  • Electrical Application
  • Membranes for water purification
  • Medical Devices
  • Connectors
  • Pumps
  • Valves