Rulon® is a plastic material with a low coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, and extreme resistance to corrosion.  Rulon® was developed to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of unmodified Teflon® without affecting its unique electrical and chemical properties. Rulon® exhibits a wide range of improved characteristics over pure Teflon® and has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. This characteristic allows it to operate in a wide continuous service temperature range. Rulon® is practically impervious to chemical attack.

Applications of STYRENE

General-purpose polystyrenes are used for knobs, light shields, disposable beverage glasses and packaging items. High-heat formulations are found in radio and TV cabinets, tape reels and appliance parts. Impact grades are used in appliances, toys, housewares and specialty items. Foamed polystyrene is used in wood-replacement products such as “carved” components for furniture and, in extruded form, trim strips and baseboards for residential and mobile-home use.

Applications of the styrene copolymers include dishwasher-safe housewares, hospital wares, and bottles. Impact copolymer grades are used in small appliance housings, decorative trim, and TV components. Glass-fiber­ reinforced styrene copolymers are suited for automobile instrument panels.

Physical Properties of STYRENE

Styrene Physical Properties