Custom Machined Polysulfone (PSU) Udel® Products

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We Manufacture Polysulfone (PSU) Udel® Parts To Your Specifications

Piedmont CMG produces custom Polysulfone (PSU) parts and components that are inspected and certified to meet our customers’ specifications. We have experience and expertise from manufacturing Polysulfone (PSU) products for decades, utilizing the latest in CNC equipment, tools, and technology with full traceability in a lean manufacturing environment.

Short Lead Times

Our combination of large capacity and lean manufacturing processes equal short lead times on quotes and deliveries for our customers. Our experience with Polysulfone (PSU) means we get it right the first time, with quality and precision at the heart of our operations.

Cost-Effective Polysulfone (PSU) Products

Piedmont CMG’s customers benefit from our expertise and proprietary knowledge in working with Polysulfone (PSU) and other performance plastics. We provide a free design for manufacturing (DFM) review of part designs to ensure rapid production that minimizes waste and maximizes value.

Critical to Function Parts & Components

We are proud to be on the critical supplier list for many of our customers due to the critical-to-function nature of many products that we manufacture. Our ability to hold tight tolerances and deliver fast, quality, repeatable parts in production volume and on expedited orders makes Piedmont CMG an excellent partner on new and existing projects.

100% Made In USA | ISO Certified

100% of our manufacturing work is completed in our two facilities, both located within the United States. Our products ship worldwide to customers in a variety of markets and industries. We maintain an ISO 9001 certification to meet the needs of our customers.

Polysulfone Udel® Applications & Material Data

Polysulfone (PSU) Product Applications

Polysulfone (PSU) is utilized across many industries and applications due to its unique properties. Some common applications include:

Polysulfone (PSU) Material Data

Polysulfone (PSU) material has outstanding radiation stability, and resistance to acidic and salt solutions, detergents, hot water, and steam.

  • Hemodialysis
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Gas separation / degassers
  • Waste water recovery
  • Filtration cartridges
  • Food pans
  • Oil level indicators
  • Pump cases
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