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There are many factors that go into quoting a bonded manifold – design, tolerances, materials, size, quantity, and complexity, just to name a few. We appreciate that a lot of time, effort, and resources have been invested on your part before even thinking about contacting us for a quote. The reality is that every manifold project is unique and warrants careful consideration from Piedmont CMG, the bonding experts.

Bonded Manifold Design & Material Selection

We’re available to help with engineering design, material selection, and even assembly or testing/validation considerations. We’ve made thousands of manifolds over the years, so we know the right questions to ask and the details that often get overlooked. If you’re looking for a partner who will take your manifold project as seriously as you do, then look no further and contact us now to get the teamwork started.

3-layer bonded acrylic dispensing manifold

Contact Us About Your Bonded Manifold

We’re excited to hear about your bonded manifold project! Whether you’re just in the initial research and design phase or ready for production, feel free to call, email, or fill out one of our contact forms to speak to an expert today.

Acrylic Diffusion Bonded Manifolds with Fluidic & Microfluidic Pathways Used in IVD Instruments