Two Layer Diffusion Bonded Manifold

Why Use a 2-Layer Diffusion Bonded Manifold?

A two-layer diffusion bonded manifold gives engineers the design flexibility to have curved channels with connection ports in any direction, on any surface of the bonded manifold. Curved channels that change direction are only possible with the introduction of a bonded manifold with two or more layers.

rotary valve bonded acrylic manifold

Benefits of a Two-Layer Diffusion Bonded Manifold

Diffusion bonding a 2-layer manifold provides the flow cell with a permanent bond at the molecular level. We do not use any glue or solvents to diffusion bond, so the fluidic channels are uniform and free of contaminants, which is crucial for many IVD and medical-related applications. We have decades of experience bonding 2-layer diffusion bonded manifolds (and multiple-layer manifolds) and would welcome a discussion to help with your design or provide a quote.