PEEK Machining Supplier

Machined PEEK Parts Supplier

CMG is a supplier of CNC machined PEEK parts, and has been for decades. Using high-speed and very precise CNC turning and milling, we supply PEEK parts made from sheet, rod, and tube for use in medical, aerospace, semi-conductor, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries.

PEEK Machined Plastic Manifold

What is PEEK?

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a high-performance thermoplastic that is known for maintaining its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties, even at high temperatures. This material is lightweight with high impact strength and is suitable for use at temperatures approaching 500°F.

For more information and detailed specs on PEEK material, please see our material selection guide or contact us to speak with an expert.

PEEK Manufacturing & Machining Services

As a vendor for contract manufacturing PEEK parts, CMG offers services for every step of your design, prototyping, and production processes. Whether you need design support from engineers with decades in the industry, rapid prototyping to test and validate multiple design iterations, or lean and cost-effective production in volume, CMG is here to support your success. Contact us today to get the collaboration started!

Benefits of Machined PEEK Parts

CNC Machined PEEK Manifold

Machined PEEK parts provide many benefits to the end user. PEEK parts offer excellent chemical resistance, and can be autoclaved over and over again without degrading the quality and shape of the parts. PEEK parts have very low moisture absorption, combined with good resistance to wear and abrasion. In summary, machined PEEK parts are tough and reliable. PEEK is also easily machined to tight tolerances with CMG’s advanced CNC machining capabilities.

Examples of Machined PEEK Parts & Applications

Since machined PEEK parts have such impressive physical, chemical, and thermal properties, they can be found in a variety of industries with a whole host of purposes. Machined PEEK vendors often manufacture parts out of this material into pump heads, manifolds, bushings, bearings, cable insulation, implants, and a wide variety of other applications.