Increase in Demand for a Reliable Bonded Ultem Manifold Supplier

The dramatic growth and increased competition of new technology in the life science fields, particularly in the United States, has created the need for a reliable, lean, contract manufacturer of diffusion bonded Ultem manifolds. As a pioneer in this technology, CMG remains at the forefront in precision, accuracy, speed, and quality.

Diffusion Bonded Ultem Manifold

In the past 2 years, many US-based life science engineers and supply chain managers have turned to CMG to solve the diffusion bonding problems experienced with other suppliers. We proudly offer design assistance from an engineering team with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We work with our customers on design, prototyping, iteration, and support them all the way through the scale up to production.

Diffusion Bonded Ultem Manifold

Our customers rave about the customer service and support received all throughout the New Product Introduction (NPI) cycle. With design for manufacturing assistance and unrivaled lead times, CMG is the premier source for bonded Ultem manifolds. We are a 100% Made in USA manufacturer, with a talented and dedicated workforce that take pride in supporting both US-based OEMs and our partners all around the world.

Contact us today and find out for yourself why CMG is the fastest growing supplier of diffusion bonded Ultem manifolds in the world.