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Our unique combination of lean manufacturing capabilities and services optimize fluidic and plastic-focused products.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

50+ years of contract manufacturing experience

Proprietary, industry-leading technology that drives quality, traceability, and efficiency.

Sample CNC machined PEEK parts

Established & reliable supply chain

Industry partnerships that have been in place for decades. Materials on time at the right price.

Bonded Ultem Chip

Wide scope of unique services

From diffusion bonding to assembly and testing – everything your project needs in one powerful source.

Excellent Customer Service Team

Exceptional customer service

Call and see for yourself. A real person with the knowledge and experience to help you find solutions.

Cutting-edge, lean manufacturing technology & continuous improvement

Quality you can count on.

Pricing that fits your budget.

Speed you won’t believe.

Contract manufacturing capabilities for industries across the globe

Depth of experience in a wide variety of industries for total solutions and rapid results.

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Plastics Machining. Optimized.

We specialize in CNC machining of plastics. PEEK, Ultem, Acrylic, and much more.

PEEK CNC Milling


Ultem (PEI) CNC Milling

Ultem (PEI)

Acrylic (PMMA) CNC Milling


Polysulfone CNC Milling


Vespel CNC Milling


High-Performance Plastics

High-Performance Plastics