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Fluidic Systems

Piedmont CMG is the premier source for fluidic handling systems and solutions. From reagent to waste storage, bonded manifold cartridges and control hubs, and formed tubing with fittings, we ensure OEMs have total confidence and control over fluid movement throughout a device. Through leak decay and flow testing, among other validation procedures, on manifolds assembled with valves, pumps, tubing, and electronics, we provide our partners with a worry-free plug-and-play fluidic solution.

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Diffusion Bonded Manifolds

IVD Tubing Kits & Assemblies

Reagent & Waste Water Bottles

Contract Manufacturing of Performance Plastics

Get help from the experts with optimizing your design and material selection on new and existing products. Save your company time and money by benefiting from our technology, proprietary techniques, and wealth of experience.

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Fluidic Manifold Assembly

Diffusion Bonding

Testing & Validation

The CMG Difference

Established in 1995, Piedmont CMG is a family-owned, ISO 9001-2015 registered, lean manufacturing company. We partner with leading international OEMs to create cost-effective, device-specific, fluidic solutions and contract manufactured performance plastic products. CMG provides contract manufacturing services which include: optically clear, multi-layered diffusion bonded manifolds, formed IVD tubing kits with connectors, precision machined plastic components, reagent & waste fluid containers, microfluidic systems, and a host of other value-added services.